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Bettina Pfeiffenberger

Bettina Pfeiffenberger

Realtor/ Residential Property Manager



Bettina Pfeiffenberger moved to Fort Worth from Houston in 1997. It was supposed to be a quick stop along a career path in Large Mammal Husbandry (i.e. a zookeeper), but fortunately for her and Fort Worth, that career path did not work out in her favor. After a jaunt as an analytical chemist, she ventured into the world of real estate and has not looked back. During her first year in the Fort Worth real estate market, she realized how wonderful Fort Worth is and all that this great city has to offer. Her favorite client is one that is new to the city so she can share her love and knowledge for Fort Worth. Bettina has been licensed and actively selling and leasing residential real estate for the last 15 years. Currently, she is focused on the leasing and management of residential properties, but she also assists those that need to buy or sell their homes or investment properties.

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