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John Giordano

John Giordano

Principal / Realtor


John Giordano has been a mainstay in residential development in Fort Worth for over 17 years and is the co-founder and head of sales for HGC Residential Development. John is instrumental in the growth of the building company, expanding it from 1 small remodel 15 years ago to the largest residential custom home builder in Fort Worth. The company now thrives, building on average 35-40 homes per year, with prices ranging between $400,000-$3,000,000 in cost. John maintains ownership of the residential development company, as well as other thriving businesses including; a commercial construction company, a property management company, and an interior decorating firm. John was raised in Fort Worth and has been an entrepreneur, since graduating from Texas Christian University. John will specialize in marketing, agent relations and business development.

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